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3 Little Known Facts About Tooth Implants

September 29, 2022
Posted By: Schoen Family Dentistry
tooth implants

Modern non-removable dental implant technology is giving people their smiles back, restoring tooth functionality, and consequently improving their quality of life. Yet, not many people know the facts about this treatment. Here are three facts on tooth implants you probably never knew about.


1. They've Been Around for Millennia

Like in rocket science, engineers fashion tooth implants from titanium -- a material notable for its resilience to external forces. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), strong modern tooth implant biomaterials have been in use for over three decades to replace missing teeth.

Did you know that the history of tooth implants goes further than you probably realize? According to Allure, it turns out that in the past, as a substitute for missing teeth, people made crude tooth implants from seashells before hammering them into the mouth. Painful, right? Some communities also fashioned tooth implants from jade stones in ancient times. Luckily, technology has advanced, making the implant process much safer, less painful, and long-lasting.


2. They Need Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Some people may think they no longer have to brush their teeth after getting tooth implants, but this is untrue. Even though tooth implants can't decay, the gums and bones are susceptible, so you should maintain an oral hygiene routine. The first cleaning step is to brush along the gumline to remove any plaque that could cause future damage. Be sure to floss regularly to remove any additional debris, just as you would with natural teeth.


3. They Aren't Always Right for Everyone

Though successful for the most part, certain habits and medical conditions bring down the success of tooth implants and, in some cases, make you ineligible. The most common cause of rejection for tooth implants is the lack of bone density. Patients should instead consider a sinus lift or zygomatic implant. Smokers and people suffering from diseases such as cancer and diabetes also don't qualify, as their immunity is suppressed. Wounds in people who have diabetes, for instance, tend to fester. These illnesses also compromise bone integrity.

If you've been considering tooth implants, there's no better time than now to invest in your smile. This dental practice has greatly advanced over time, allowing us to create a smile that's more dazzling than ever. Contact us at Schoen Family Dentistry today for a tooth implant consultation. We'd love to help give you a smile you feel great about!

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