Growth-Centered Orthodontics

Of course, you want straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. At Schoen Family Dentistry, we can certainly provide that for you. Did you know that orthodontics is not always about just your smile? It can change your facial structure, how well you breathe, your jaw health, and it can even reshape your profile. 

That is why choosing a dentist with the proper knowledge and understanding of how all of these pieces fit together is essential to the complete success of your treatment.

Thomas Schoen, DDS, takes a comprehensive approach to orthodontics for both children and adults. His orthodontic treatment has produced happy, healthy, and smiling patients since 1988.

Function and Comfort 

Malocclusion, or poorly aligned teeth, can cause oral complications as well as damage to your smile. When your teeth do not come together correctly, your jaw joints may start to click or pop, you may destroy your natural teeth or dentistry, and you might grind or clench your teeth while you sleep. 

Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) can sustain excessive wear, creating numerous painful symptoms as well as degeneration to your joint. Some patients even experience locking jaw joints, with limited opening or closing, once the joint becomes displaced. This locking sensation can feel painful and frightening. You may not be able to open your mouth more than a finger or two in width, creating problems with eating and pain when you yawn.

When your teeth are in proper alignment, opening and closing feels smooth without any catching.

Dr. Schoen avoids these problems by determining the optimum position for your teeth both aesthetically and functionally prior to starting treatment in order to provide you with the most comfortable results. After all, looking great makes no difference unless you also feel great!

Attractive Orthodontic Results

Most people think of orthodontics as a way to improve your smile. If you suffer from misaligned teeth, you might feel self-conscious about the way you look and avoid smiling. Having orthodontics can certainly improve the alignment of your teeth, but did you know that your teeth also provide your face with its structure?

When you change your teeth, you may also change how your face looks. Dr. Thomas Schoen can predict those outcomes so that you will have an idea about how orthodontics will make you look once you complete your treatment. 

Interceptive Orthodontics 

When we monitor children from a young age, typically around age six or seven, we can identify some early orthodontic conditions and address them while your child is still growing. This allows us to prevent much more complex treatment in the future and permits us to avoid some of the common problems typically identified in teens. When we take an interceptive approach to orthodontics, we can treat your child as their body grows and alter some of their potential problems before they start! 

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