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At Schoen Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive family dental care and much more. We focus on creating a comfortable and professional office space, incorporating the latest technology in order to provide the best care possible for our patients. We have a friendly and warm environment so you can settle in and get comfortable for your appointment. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We've grown by referrals from happy families for 36 years.
  • Patients love our smile makeovers, in-house whitening & pain-free dentistry.
  • Our proven oral risk assessment helps reduce costs & prevent disease.
  • We provide LANAP laser gum surgery- no cutting, no stiches & rapid healing.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry 

At Schoen Family Dentistry, we offer quality dental care for the entire family. From children to seniors, Dr. Tom Schoen has the skills and experience to effectively treat patients of all ages and all stages of health. 

Preventive treatment – Having a preventive routine when it comes to your oral health can help you to avoid many of the common and often troublesome conditions that accompany neglect. We will work with you to build an effective home care routine as well as provide your routine professional dental cleanings, exams, and digital x-rays,which help us to address any conditions before they become serious threats to your health. 

Restorative dentistry – Most patients will need restorative dentistry at some point. We provide high quality tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, bridges, and dental bonding to repair and stabilize your teeth. We know that many people have dental anxiety, especially when it comes to injections for anesthetic, and that is why we use The Wand® pain-free injection system to deliver anesthetic.

Laser Gum Surgery 

One of the most common conditions patients develop is periodontal disease. In its early stages, we can treat periodontal disease without surgery, but in more advanced cases, surgery may be the best option.

At our Wabasha dental office, we treat gum disease with laser surgery because it has several major advantages:

  • More comfortable
  • Greater accuracy
  • Faster healing times
  • Less bleeding
  • Seals the periodontal pocket
  • No stitches necessary 

If you need gum surgery, this option may provide you with faster, more comfortable results than traditional surgery.

Orthodontics for Adults and Children

Growth-centered orthodontics – Dr. Schoen takes into account each patient’s needs and provides results that deliver an attractive smile and appearance, greater function, and a comfortable outcome.

Invisible braces – For our adult patients who wish to address the aesthetics of their smiles without lengthy treatment or traditional brackets and wires, we offer Clear Correct®, Invisalign®, and six month braces so you can have outstanding results discreetly. 

Implant Placement and Restoration 

With the help of our 3-D cone beam technology, Dr. Schoen can accurately place dental implants in the best location to ensure a good outcome for your treatment. Often, this accuracy allows us to avoid additional procedures such as bone grafting.

We provide high-quality, custom implant crowns to complete your bite and your smile. With Dr. Schoen’s skills and experience, we know you will be happy with your results!


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