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If you're looking for a trusted family and implant dentist near Pepin, WI, Schoen Family Dentistry is the practice to bring your family to. Our compassionate, friendly team of dentists and hygienists is ready to accommodate your family to ensure everyone is comfortable in the dental chair. We know that some young children can be nervous to visit the dentist, but we're prepared to help your little ones get used to this integral part of maintaining their oral health.

Why Is It Important to Bring in Your Children for Dental Checkups?

Babies should be brought to a family dentist as early as their first birthday or when their first tooth is visible. From there, a reliable family dentist will continuously check in on your baby's oral health to ensure it is up to par. As your baby grows, it's important to bring them in for a twice-yearly checkup to make sure their teeth are growing properly and are being taken care of.

Here are a few reasons why it's so important for your child to get biannual dental checkups from a family dentist near Pepin, WI as they age:

  • Your child will learn the best ways to care for their teeth. A trained dental professional can show your child how to brush and floss their teeth properly and how to use mouthwash.
  • A dentist can pinpoint issues early on so you can ensure your child is properly caring for their teeth. This will help prevent small issues from snowballing into bigger ones.
  • Your child can learn why it's important to take care of their oral health. Seeing what their teeth could look like without proper care will certainly prove to your child that caring for their teeth should be a priority!
  • A dentist can discuss what foods and drinks to avoid so your child's teeth aren't deeply affected by sugar-filled treats.

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