PreViser® Risk Analysis

Receiving the proper treatment for any medical or dental condition is important. Have you ever had the feeling that you were being over- or under-treated? Do you sometimes feel like all patients are treated the same in spite of their considerable biological, medical, and lifestyle differences?

At Schoen Family Dentistry, we made a commitment to our patients to treat them according to their unique health conditions and needs. Over-treatment and under-treatment can cost patients thousands of dollars, and that is why we use the PreViser Risk Analysis to determine the best course of treatment for each patient’s dental conditions. 

What Is PreViser Risk Analysis? 

PreViser utilizes a comprehensive approach to medical and dental care. Some people are more susceptible to certain diseases (such as heart disease or periodontal disease) than others based on their medical history, family history, lifestyle factors, and environmental factors.

At each hygiene appointment, we input updated medical history data, data from your digital x-rays, and information that Dr. Schoen discovers during his routine dental exam and upload it into the PreViser software. PreViser analyzes that data and determines your risk for certain oral conditions such as tooth loss, periodontal disease, and dental caries (decay).

The PreViser software gives us a number that acts as a measurement for either your current dental condition or for the likelihood that you will experience a particular dental condition at some point. This allows us to monitor your oral health trends over time. If your risk for tooth loss goes up, we know that we need to investigate to find out why. 

What Are the Benefits of PreViser Risk Analysis?

PreViser has proven more accurate than a clinician’s evaluation alone because it is able to measure patient risk in multiple areas simultaneously. In addition, PreViser software can monitor subtle changes over time, giving us the information that we need to more effectively treat oral conditions such as periodontal disease.

The reports generated by the PreViser system give patients an objective evaluation of their current health, which is useful since no two people are alike. It allows patients to be more aware of their health trends and how these trends affect their oral health.

Finally, utilizing the PreViser system in addition to the experience and expertise of Dr. Thomas Schoen means that we can provide our patients the best treatment possible without over-treatment or under-treatment. Essentially, it takes much of the subjectivity out of the treatment you receive. 

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