3-D Cone Beam Technology

In most cases, more information means greater accuracy. Dentistry is no different! That is why we take x-rays, periodontal measurements, medical histories, and a PreViser® Risk Analysis in order to gather as much data about your oral health as possible.

Technology that helps us perform procedures more accurately and comfortably is incredibly valuable to us. Tom Schoen, DDS, is committed to investing in the latest technology for our dental office because he knows that it is an investment in you, our valued patients.

Patients today expect a certain level of personal care and accuracy when it comes to dental care. In fact, because digital radiography has allowed us to more accurately identify dental conditions at earlier and earlier stages, we can often help our patients avoid advanced dental disease.

Cone Beam Technology

Cone beam technology is a specific kind of CAT (computerized axial tomography) imaging that converts the cone beam image into a three-dimensional view. Cone beam imaging provides Dr. Schoen with a 3-D image for a specific treatment area, giving him a more accurate representation of the area he is treating.

This provides a wide variety of uses, from dental implant placement, dental extractions, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) imaging and treatment to diagnostic uses. Cone beam technology helps bring information that was previously only available in a flat form to a lifelike 3-D representation, which provides us with accuracy down to the micron.

Benefits of Cone Beam Technology 

Our decision to incorporate cone beam technology into our dental practice came from our desire to provide our patients with the greatest accuracy in implant placement and restoration without the need to travel to an outside facility to obtain the image.

With this technology, we are able to precisely place dental implants with accuracy within microns, often eliminating the need for bone grafting procedures. This state-of-the art technology allows us to increase the effectiveness of your treatment and the likelihood of successful results.

In addition to implant placement, cone beam technology allows us a greater understanding of jaw joint dysfunctions, so that we can make accurate determinations for your diagnosis and treatment. 

Cone beam technology accurately captures the locations of roots, nerves, and root fractures previously unavailable through traditional x-ray technology. 

In cases of periodontal disease, we can more accurately determine the extent of the infection and bone loss so that we can determine the proper course of treatment for the most beneficial outcome.

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