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Personalized, professional dental care is important, and if you are looking for a new dental home, you probably have a number of questions before you decide we are the right office for you. We listed some of the most common questions we receive here. If your question is not on the list, please call our Wabasha dental office. One of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you.


We know that fitting your dental care into your budget is important to you. That is why we participate with most major dental insurance plans. We always do our best to maximize your benefits even if we are not an in-network provider. We file your claims for your convenience, as well, so that you don’t have to!

To find out about your particular plan and insurance coverage, contact your dental insurance company or our Wabasha, MN dental office. We will do our best to estimate your treatment costs and any out-of-pocket expenses you might incur. We know that most people don’t like surprises where their money is concerned, so we will work closely with you to plan your treatment accordingly

If you incur costs from treatment not covered by your insurance, we have financing options through CareCredit® for those patients who qualify that will keep you living well today.

Remember that great oral health is an investment in your overall health and maintaining your routine exams, professional cleanings, and a good home care regimen will help you stay healthy and avoid unexpected dental expenses. Call our office to schedule your next appointment with our dentist or to ask any questions regarding dental insurance and coverage.

Dental Implants

One of the greatest inventions in the history of dentistry is the dental implant. Its versatility and health benefits exceed those of any other tooth replacement options. Single implants can replace individual missing teeth while multiple missing teeth can be addressed with a combination of dental implants, implant-supported bridges, implant-retained dentures, and implant-supported partial dentures.

One of the biggest complaints that patients have about dentures is that they never seem to stay put. No one likes an embarrassing denture malfunction while eating or speaking. When dentures move around, they also create painful sores and make day-to-day activities difficult. When your dentures don’t fit well, you might avoid many healthy foods because they are harder to eat. In time, this puts your health at risk.

When we replace missing teeth with a combination of dental implants and fixed dental bridges or partial dentures, you will experience greater stability and function, which can increase your confidence and your quality of life.

Dr. Thomas Schoen utilizes 3-D cone beam technology to ensure accurate placement of your dental implants, giving you the best outcome. With 3-D imaging, we might even be able to avoid grafting procedures that can complicate and slow down your treatment.

The number of people getting dental implants in the U.S. increases by around 500,000 per year, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Make an appointment with our implant dentist today to join them.

Growth-Centered Orthodontics

If your child sees a dentist outside of our office and it is suggested your child needs braces, a consultation can be scheduled here at Schoen Family Dentistry to evaluate your child's dental condition. An exam and x-rays will help us see what is happening above and below the gumline to determine a treatment approach that will meet your child's individual treatment needs.

If Dr. Tom or Dr. Nate has determined that you or your child need orthodontics, we want you to ask us any questions related to treatment and care as soon as you have them. We will review much of the information with you at the Informed Consent appointment with one of our dentists just prior to active therapy.

At any time if you have a question or need clarification, write down your questions and bring them to an appointment. If you need an answer sooner, give us a call. Understanding what to expect and how to care for braces is essential to treatment success. We have attached an orthodontic Q&A document under the Patient Information tab to answer some of the most common questions.

A good rule is to have your child orthodontically evaluated by the age of seven. That is because many common orthodontic conditions are easier to correct while your child is still growing. Conditions such as overbites, underbites, overcrowding, and narrow jaws are easier and less invasive to treat at a younger age when your child’s bones have not completely formed.

When we intercept common orthodontic conditions during your child’s growth cycle, it might eliminate or reduce the need for lengthy and complex treatments in the future. In fact, you can avoid costly work in the future by starting at a young age. Additionally, this early orthodontic interception can help us to avoid common complications for orthodontics including TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction as well as severe malocclusion (misaligned teeth).

Our dentist, Dr. Thomas Schoen, has been successfully treating childhood, teen, and adult orthodontic conditions since 1988 using a comprehensive approach to treatment that takes into account aesthetics, function, and comfort. His patients are pleased with their results and enjoy improved overall oral health because of his care.

If you have questions about orthodontics for yourself or your child, please call our office. Our supportive team looks forward to helping you and your family achieve a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile.

Laser Dentistry

Our dentist, Dr. Schoen, invests in technologies that make dental treatments easier for our patients.

LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) provides an alternative to traditional gum surgery. Dr. Schoen implemented laser dentistry in our Wabasha dental office over 15 years ago in order to provide our patients with increased comfort, decreased healing time, and a better outcome for their periodontal treatment.

Using laser energy, LANAP removes diseased tissue, bacteria, calculus (tartar), and infection from beneath your gums so that they can heal. It also promotes regrowth and attachment through biostimulation. LANAP has many advantages over traditional periodontal surgery including:

  • Decreased healing time
  • Greater comfort
  • Less bleeding
  • Seals the periodontal pocket
  • No scalpel
  • No stitches

In order to find out if LANAP is a treatment that will work for your particular periodontal condition, Dr. Tom Schoen will need to perform an evaluation at our Wabasha, MN dental office. Without a dental exam, we have no way to determine which treatment will work best for you. However, most patients with periodontal disease who come to our office can have the less invasive LANAP procedure without complications. We will provide you with a full exam as well as a precise risk analysis before beginning treatment.


Sometimes patients want to avoid dental exams, either because they have a dental phobia or because they want to save the money from costs associated with dental exams. We provide the type of dental care we would want for our own families and that includes a dental exam to determine the type of hygiene appointment that will be the best for you.

Dental Exam Costs

The cost of a dental exam is very low compared to most dental procedures. A routine exam allows a dentist to identify and treat any conditions before they worsen. Dental diseases such as decay, periodontal disease, and bone loss tend to worsen over time. Without a dental exam, it is impossible to diagnose your conditions.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the reasons that people say they stay away from the dental office. Our dentists, Dr. Tom Schoen and Dr. Nate Schoen, completely understand that the dental chair might not be your favorite place to be. Don’t worry! We are not offended. However, our dentists are committed to patient comfort and to helping people with anxiety feel more comfortable. They will go at your pace and have an extremely gentle touch. In fact, our office even invested in a pain-free injection system called The Wand®. It allows painless delivery of anesthetic so your treatment is completely comfortable from start to finish.

We understand that most of our patients want to look and feel great! That is why we offer professional teeth whitening. Professional whitening is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the appearance of your smile. If you smoke, drink coffee, or eat fruits and vegetables, you might experience stained teeth. Dark teeth can make you look years older than you really are. Professional teeth whitening provides a solution to looking younger and healthier.

In most cases, professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth several shades by the time treatment is complete. We offer both in-office whitening, which can produce the fastest results, and several at-home options. We create custom whitening trays in our office that you can take home and use at your own convenience. An evaluation with Dr. Tom Schoen or Dr. Nate Schoen will help us determine the whitening system and gel strength that will work best for you and provide you with the results you want.

Most patients whiten their teeth without any side effects. Sometimes, though, some patients experience sensitivity. It is not permanent. By modifying your whitening routine or by using some special products, you can still have the brighter smile you desire without discomfort.

Call us today to schedule an evaluation with a dentist and take the first steps toward a whiter smile.

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