The Wand® Pain-Free Injections

Millions of people struggle with a fear of the dentist. In some cases, patients may have had a painful procedure in the past or a negative experience at a dental office. Other times, there may be no explanation for their anxiety. Either way, many patients report that the part of the appointment they fear the most is the injection to anesthetize your tooth.

For some dentists, that is the most stressful part of each procedure. Dr. Thomas Schoen is constantly seeking out new ways to improve their patients’ experiences during appointments. Injections have come a long way. Topical numbing gel helped relieve some of the pain from an injection, but technology has brought us an even better solution.

The Wand Pain-Free Dental Injections

The Wand provides a pain-free and less fearful option to the traditional syringe. The pain from injections often comes not from the injection itself, but the delivery of the anesthetic into your tissue. The Wand delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic that is the right flow and temperature so that you barely feel a thing.

In fact, The Wand injection system uses a technique that numbs your tissue as you go, creating a pathway of anesthetic with continuous pressure typically below most patients’ pain threshold. You may feel nothing but slight pressure as the anesthetic enters the area.

Other Benefits of The Wand Injection System

The Wand injection system allows dentists to provide pain-free and stress-free anesthetic for their patients. Dr. Tom Schoen has always placed patient comfort and satisfaction at the top of his practice priorities. He can numb a single tooth or an entire area, often without residual numbness in the tongue and lips. That means you will be able to speak more clearly and feel less tingling than with traditional injections.

The Wand is an ergonomic hand piece that does not resemble a traditional syringe. It comes with various sized injection tips so that just the right one is available for each treatment situation. With The Wand injection system, you no longer have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to anesthetic.

Because it is virtually painless, The Wand is a perfect way to numb children for treatment. When we make their dentistry less painful, they will be less likely to develop dental anxiety and more likely to seek the treatment they need to maintain their oral health.

Would You Like to Experience Painless Dental Procedures?

Dr. Schoen would like nothing more than to provide every patient with the pain-free dental treatment they deserve. Call our Wabasha, MN dental office today to schedule an exam. After a complete evaluation, Dr. Schoen will provide you with options to improve your oral health painlessly in our friendly and comfortable office. We always put patients first!