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Schoen Family Dentistry is ran by two fantastic dentists: Thomas Schoen, DDS and Nate Schoen, DDS. Both of these highly-qualified dentists have the ability to ensure your oral health is in check each and every time you visit our office. Whether you need a family or implant dentist near Plainview, MN, we have the needed skills to solve your dental health issues as well as prevent further ones.

Why Adults Need to See the Dentist Twice a Year

Adults lead busy lives between school, work, parenthood, and more. It may seem like a hassle to visit the dentist once let alone twice a year! While it may seem like an inconvenience to schedule two dental appointments a year, you'll be even more inconvenienced when your oral care deteriorates because you skipped them.

Here are a few key reasons you absolutely need to see a dependable dentist near Plainview, MN twice a year:

  • Prevent small issues from turning into bigger ones. When you see the dentist regularly, they can catch small problems. This will save you both time and money in the long run!
  • Learn how to properly care for your teeth. There is more you can do to maintain your oral health besides brushing and flossing, and your dentist can introduce you to additional maintenance methods.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. When you visit the dentist and obtain a thumbs-up for your hard work in taking care of your dental health, you'll be able to leave each appointment with peace of mind knowing you're doing all you can.
  • Smile! Many people are embarrassed by their smiles for a number of reasons. When you visit your dentist regularly, you can speak with them about your insecurities. They'll assist you in discovering the best course of action to get your confidence up.
  • Take care of bad breath. This is another common insecurity among dental patients. Ask your dentist what you can do to maintain fresh breath!

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